‘Rise of the Nazis’ / Broadcast Design / Client: 72 Films

As part of the team at Peepshow we created all the graphic sequences for the three-part  BBC TWO series ‘Rise of the Nazis’. A powerful forensic examination of how Germany turned from a liberal democracy into a brutal murderous dictatorship in just four years.

Production Stills


‘Rise Of The Nazis’ Graphics:

Design, Direction, Animation and Production by Peepshow

Animation Director: Pete Mellor
Art Direction, Design & Illustration: Miles Donovan & Lucy Vigrass
Animation: Pete Mellor, Gideon Prins & Jason Arber 
Photography: Miles Donovan
Photography Consultant: Stephen Lenthall at Article Studio
Archive Consultants: Graham Rawle & Margaret Huber

For 72 Films:

Narration: Kate Fleetwood
Music: Tom Hodge
Editors: Shane McCormack, Leigh Brzeski & Doug Moxon
Archive Producer: Gregor Murbach
Producers: Ella Wright & Catalina Bingham
Series Producer: Kate Quine
Executive Producers: David Glover, Cate Hall & Julian Jones
Director: Julian Jones