Inside North Korea's Dynasty / Broadcast Design / Client: 72 Films

Winner of the ‘Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction’ category at the 2019 News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

As part of the team at Peepshow we created all the animated graphic sequences for the four-part series ‘Inside North Korea’s Dynasty’ for National Geographic Channel. A groundbreaking four-episode documentary series that examines the extraordinary history of the world's only communist dynasty, three generations in the making.

‘Inside North Korea’s Dynasty’ is the ultimate story of a family's power, and the relationship among a father, a son and a grandson. The series provides a look at the Kim dynasty more complex and comprehensive than ever attempted before, revealing the workings behind the formidable family dynamics at the heart of an extraordinary country.

Episode 3: Office 39

Episode 2: The Escape of Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee

Episode 3: Fujimoto Luxury Foods

Episode 2: Operation 100

Production Stills

Episode 1: The Blue House Raid

Episode 2: Flight 858 To Seoul


'Inside North Korea’s Dynasty' Graphics:

Design, Direction, Animation and Production by Peepshow

Animation Director: Pete Mellor
Art Direction & Illustration: Miles Donovan & Luke Best
Design: Miles Donovan & Jason Arber
Animation: Pete Mellor, Jason Arber, Chris Sayer & Luke Best

For 72 Films:

Directors: Nick Holt, Simon Draper, Dan Clifton & Ben Finney
Composer: David Schweitzer
Narrator: Colin Tierney
Consultant Executive Producers: TJ Martin & Dan Lindsay
Executive Producers: Mark Raphael, David Glover & Simon Finch